The Facts

The Story

These are the facts. During the First World War, over 420,000 Canadian soldiers served in Europe, equal to approximately 5% of the country’s population at that time. Among those ranks were the seven heroes you will encounter in this story, all of whom were stationed in Europe at the precise moment in history that this story takes place. All seven would leave a lasting mark on Canadian history. All but one would survive the horrors of the trenches.

Following the War, there is documentary evidence that some would form friendships, while others crossed paths or corresponded. In 1939, most would answer the call a second time. The historical record confirms this.

What if these lions of Canadian politics, arts, science, sports, and medicine shared a previously unknown history, a secret past long forgotten? What if, as a group, they played an integral role at a defining moment in Canadian history? What if?

The Characters

The Poet – John McCrae

The Painter – A.Y. Jackson

The Sniper – Francis Pegahmagabow

The Scholar – Lester Pearson

The Lab Rat – Frederick Banting

The Medic – Norman Bethune

The Muscle – Conn Smythe

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