The First World War.

Vimy Ridge.

Canada’s baptism by fire.

While the battle rages topside, Canadian physician John McCrae leads a secret mission underneath the Ridge against a mysterious enemy with monstrous intentions. To succeed, he’ll need a group of unique soldiers.

A group of legendary heroes.

A Group of 7.

The Creative Team

Chris Sanagan (story) and Jason Lapidus (art) were introduced by their university girlfriends (now spouses) in the early 2000s and bonded over a shared love of the Maple Leafs, Wilco and Batman: The Animated Series. Chris gave Jason a Hulk action figure as a wedding gift. Jason gave Chris free guitar lessons for life as a birthday present (still unredeemed). Group of 7 is their first collaboration.

Chris Sanagan is an archivist who lives with his family in Guelph. He has written for Spacing Toronto, The American Archivist and the Guelph Mercury-Tribune. Group of 7 is his first work of fiction.

Jason Lapidus taught art for nearly a decade in both the classroom and museum gallery. Although his love of drawing comics began more than thirty years ago, Group of 7 is Jason’s first published work.