Presentation to York Region District School Board (Newmarket, ON) – September 20, 2017

Today, Jason and I travelled to Newmarket to present the comic to the History Heads of the York Region District School Board (YRDSB) and facilitate a discussion about its application in secondary school classrooms. It was a very positive and productive meeting with both sides suggesting possible avenues for student exploration including: history, art, ESL and critical thinking. One suggestion that we hadn’t thought of was translating the book into French, which now is something that’s on the radar.

Jason and I were always aware of the educational potential of Group of 7 but today’s meeting really brought that home. At the end of it, our 15 minute presentation had evolved into a 30 minute discussion and we had a number of requests for running comic-related classroom workshops across the region – a most welcome development. Looking forward to launching our first workshop sometime this Fall!


First Signing at The Dragon (Guelph, ON) – September 16, 2017

Yesterday was a milestone. Our first signing! In a comic book store! To help celebrate its 19 birthday, The Dragon (Guelph ON) invited us to sign Group of 7 alongside Marvel and DC artist Ken Lashley (Xmen, Age of Apocalypse, Superwoman, Deadpool, Black Panther, etc). Unfortunately Jason couldn’t attend (which is a real shame because I had so many people comment on how much they love the G7 art) but overall, I couldn’t have asked for a better first signing. The people were great (we sold 9 copies and a bunch of kids showed me the comics they made at home), The Dragon were amazing hosts and Ken was an unbelievably kind and patient table-mate. So much great advice on starting out in the comics biz, what to expect moving forward and the unique working relationship between writer and artist.

Special shout out to Austin (pictured below) for being our very first store signing! Also, apologies to everyone I signed the book for. Upon reflection, my handwriting/signature/messaging is currently “meh.” I’ll get better, I promise.



The Beguiling enlists to carry Group of 7!

Great news! If you live in Toronto or area, you can now pick up YOUR copy of Group of 7 Issue #1 at The Beguiling! We’re absolutely thrilled to have our book available in one of Canada’s great comics stores!

New consignment in from Chris Sanagan & @jasonlapidus! Group of 7! Pow!

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Issue #1 Now Available In Stores

Well one store BUT two locations so “stores” is technically correct. If you’re in Guelph or surrounding area, you can pick up YOUR copy of Group of 7 Issue #1 at The Dragon (both downtown and south end locations)! The folks there were even kind enough to feature Group of 7 in its own display. So shop early, shop often and most importantly, shop at The Dragon.

G7 Dragon pic 2


Bring the Group of 7 to Your School!


(April 2017: Chris and Jason with Grades 5 and 6 at Central Public School Guelph, Ontario. Notable alumni – John McCrae, Photo by Kate Brennagh)

Creators Chris Sanagan and Jason Lapidus facilitate exciting workshops to support student engagement with Arts, History and Language curricula.


  • Exploring the process of creating a comic book
  • Developing characters from the pages of history
  • Writing and/or illustrating stories
  • Exploring graphic novel literacy
  • Drawing figures in action
  • Enhancing creative collaborative practices
  • Connecting history and fiction
  • Using Research to support creativity

We are happy to collaborate with educators to customize a workshop for the needs of the group.

To book a school  visit or for more information contact info@groupof7comic.ca.


Canada 150 stories from the Group of 7 creative team

Recently we teamed up to produce two Canada 150 (and Guelph 190) articles for the GuelphMercuryTribune. Just like Group of 7, I handled the stories and Jason handled the art. This mash-up of history and comics doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon.

The first is about John McLean, a former Hudson’s Bay Company fur trader who spent twenty-five years criss-crossing Canada during the first half of the 19th century and wrote about his adventures while living in Guelph. You can read the story here.image1

The second is about the 1951-52 Guelph Biltmore Mad Hatters junior hockey team. The team captured the 1952 Memorial Cup and two of its players, Andy Bathgate and Harry Howell, are in the Hockey Hall of Fame. You can read the story here.




Issue #1 OUT NOW!

Happy Canada Day everyone! Jason and I are thrilled to present Group of 7 #1 – a most secret tale of Canadian daring and danger from the Great War. Read all 22 pages on the website for FREE or purchase your own digital copy via Gumroad here. We hope to have print editions available to order sometime this summer.

We’re hard at work on Issue #2 and appreciate all the love and support you have sent our way. Have a safe and happy holiday!

go7 # 1 cover 15-x10--1