Meet the Makers: From Cartooning and Comic Books to Graphic Novels, A Catalyst for Change (Guelph, ON) – May 30, 2018

This was a real treat. An opportunity to take part on a panel with some of our favourite people (and creators) and share thoughts on our work and comics in general. Hosted by the Friends of the Guelph Public Library and moderated by Jenn Haines, owner of The Dragon, the panel included multiple Eisner nominee Scott Chantler, cartoonist Brian Fray and us. In front of a full house at the Guelph Public Library, we joked and swapped stories about what inspires us to work in comic books and cartooning, discussed our favourite examples of the medium and even lay bare some of our more embarrassing moments. It was an amazing night and we couldn’t have asked for better panel-mates. Post-panel beers (and further comic book conversations) at The Albion capped the event off beautifully.

First Signing at The Dragon (Guelph, ON) – September 16, 2017

Yesterday was a milestone. Our first signing! In a comic book store! To help celebrate its 19 birthday, The Dragon (Guelph ON) invited us to sign Group of 7 alongside Marvel and DC artist Ken Lashley (Xmen, Age of Apocalypse, Superwoman, Deadpool, Black Panther, etc). Unfortunately Jason couldn’t attend (which is a real shame because I had so many people comment on how much they love the G7 art) but overall, I couldn’t have asked for a better first signing. The people were great (we sold 9 copies and a bunch of kids showed me the comics they made at home), The Dragon were amazing hosts and Ken was an unbelievably kind and patient table-mate. So much great advice on starting out in the comics biz, what to expect moving forward and the unique working relationship between writer and artist.

Special shout out to Austin (pictured below) for being our very first store signing! Also, apologies to everyone I signed the book for. Upon reflection, my handwriting/signature/messaging is currently “meh.” I’ll get better, I promise.